Integrated Chassis

Integrated Amplifier based on the Specialized Kits chassis and same circuit as AMP-1

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This integrated amplifier started as a kit offer, but presently is sold as an assembled unit only.

The design concept is pretty straightforward and the main goal was simplicity. So, no extra angles and brackets are being used and the chassis parts are put together by using machine screws, tapped directly into panels.

Panel thickness varies from 3/16" (rear, top and bottom) through 1/4" (the sides) to 3/8" (front panel). All exposed panels are brushed and all surfaces are clear anodized.

There are two controls on the front panel: source selecting (with mute) and volume. Additionally, a small Panasonic LED shows power on status. There is no power switch on the rear panel though, as this type of amplifiers is recommended to be always on for improved performance. Power draw at standby is less than from an average preamp. Maple panels are added on the sides, and provide more elegant and complete appearance. Other, more exotic wood types can also be chosen.

The heat sink assembly (a small metal block measuring 0.5" x 2.0" x 3.0" to which chips are attached) is made out of copper, for improved heat transfer and better damping. Possible sonic improvements can be also expected.

There are 3 sets of inputs on the rear panel. While pictured here are Cardas patented binding posts, any other posts can be used, as long as they fit standard hole opening of 0.5" with 0.75" spacing.

A set of 3 cones on the bottom acts as footing, and my listening test show that this works better than rubber or other type of feet.

The main amplifier circuit uses LM3875 chip (LM4780 can also be used if more power is required) and features Caddock and Riken resistors. Silver-plated, Teflon wire was used for power connections and Vampire solid core wire for signal routing.

25K Noble pot is used, as it provides pretty good value and quite satisfying sonics. Other types, like switching attenuators or carbon pot from PEC can also be implemented (on special request).

Power is 50W into 8 ohm.

The amp is sold in assembled form only and the current price is USD$1150.00.


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