LM4780 Amplifier Kit (non-inverting)

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LM4780 PCB

LM4780 Amp Schematic PDF

LM4780 PS Schematic PDF
LM4780 Amplifier Kit
1Gold plated PCB set, consisting of 2 amplifier and 2 rectifier boards.
822k compact metal film resistors
4220R compact metal film resistors
4680R compact metal film resistors
210K SMD metal film resistors (mute)
40.15R 3w power resistors (output)
41500uF 50v Panasonic FC Capacitors
8MUR860 On Semiconductor Diodes
1Isolation pad for 2 LM4780 chips
Zobel components are not recommended for that kit, but can be ordered if required.


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Item Description Cost
NI4780-KIT LM4780 Amplifier Kit
  - 2 x Amplifier PCB's
  - 2 x Basic Amplifier Components
  - 2 x Rectifier PCB's
  - 1 x Basic Rectifier Components
MUR860-KIT-DM Additional rectifier diodes for dual mono amplifier
  - 8 x MUR860
  - 2 x 10u capacitors
NI4780-PCB LM4780 PCB Gold Plated
  - 2 x Amplifier PCB's
  - 2 x Rectifier PCB's
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