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Here’s a CD Transport project that was inspired by Shigaraki player. In depth discussion can be found here:

The base of the transport is made of ¼ inch copper plate. All the assemblies are mounted there.

The frame is usually made from Wenge wood. There is cut out there for display window.

I use modified mechanism from JVC boombox, several components are removed, few electrolytics replaced with Black Gates and output resistors added.

Mechanism is installed on two standoffs only, as this worked best in performance testing.

The display board has push buttons removed and those are mounted on a separate pcb to allow top panel access.

All the critical power supply filtering and regulation is done onboard with Black Gate capacitors.

The 3-pin regulator is attached directly to the base.

Transformer is assembled in a separate enclosure with rectifiers there as well.

Display window is made of tinted acrylic and matches Wenge quite well. The unit comes with a simple remote control.

Two feet umbilical cable connect PS and the transport.

There is also choice for frosted or black top, although sandblasted aluminum seems to be a favorite choice.

A dedicated switch for table of content (TOC) readout mounts in the other corner.

Considering what it’s made of, this transport performs surprisingly well and I don’t have a problem choosing it over my CEC TL0.