DYI sites
diyAudio.comA great do it yourself site: “By the fanatics for the fanatics”, great source of GC info
Steve Ekblad LinksAudio Related Internet Links compiled by Steve Ekblad
Decibel DungeonAll you ever wanted to know about GainClone
FeddeIt was Fedde page that inspired me to build a first GC amp
Mother-of-ToneImportant facts regarding vibration control
Pass DIYGreat site for class A amps
Audio AsylumAnother audio forum
LC AudioGreat site for DIY module
Transmission Line SpeakersTL Speakers & other stuff
Parts ConnexionGreat source of exotic part
Percy AudioAnother great source for part
DigikeyResources for parts for DIY project
MouserAnother great resource for the Do-It-Yourself enthusias
McMaster-CarrIndustrial supply compan
PlitronMajor supplier of toroid transformer
Marlin P. Jones & Assoc. IncLots of good stuff for DIY project
QkitsSource for Velleman kit
Sound Labs GroupParts and kits resource
ApexJrGood value on surplus items
Scott NixonScott Nixon’s site selling DACs and GC kits
Vikash’s DIY Audio PagesCollection of DIY Projects from chip amps to subwoofers by Vikash
Other interesting sites
GoodSoundClubInteresting discussion on audio reproduction
High-End AudioSome less conventional views on audio reproduction
Bridge Audio LaboratoryThe new wave from Japan
Retro AudioAudio equipment of the legendary manufacturers of 1950-80s
Mark LevinsonAn Image library showing how high end equipment should be built
Sakura SystemsThis is how it all started (with GC building)
Find ChipsGreat link for semiconductors sourcing
Tweak AudioFor some reason I always enjoyed Rick’s site
AudiogonBest site for used equipment
Audio-ConsultingTweaking resources at its best
The Absolute SoundThe High End journal of audio and music
StereophileStereophile on the web
6moons.comGreat site for audio products and reviews
audioXpressThe magazine for all your audio needs, also a great source for audio books
enjoythemusic.comHigh-end audiophile music and audio equipment reviews
AudioPhiliaThe Online Journal for the Serious Audiophile
Fine TunesA section Of Stereophile mag devoted to tweaking
Info on my projects
diyAudio.comUseful links
diyAudio.comMy best amp so far
LM3875 Kit InstructionsLM3875 Gainclone – Building Instructions