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I’d like to present here a complete MC phono stage project. In depth description can be found here:

The circuit has been greatly inspired by the original phono cube and if you are interested in the specs, they would be similar.
In my approach, however, I’m using much better parts and much better power supplies. I also wanted to be able to fit everything in a simple 2×3 aluminum tubing enclosure, having the PS integrated with the preamp.

The end result is the phono stage that can compete basically with anything out there, it is so good.

Looking at the board, you may notice that it is same form factor as my both of my DACs, the size is 2.75 x 8.75″.

The circuit is powered by +/-15V shunt type regulators. They produce quite a lot of heat, and since I wanted it to fit inside aluminum tubing, I had to figure out a smart way for heatsinking.

I managed to do that with special brackets that are attach to power devices first and then are bolted from enclosure bottom side after the board is inserted.

The board sits on standoffs that are easy to install from both ends. Additional angles are used to secure front and rear panels.

The complete unit is very simple, yet quite functional.

Input/output devices are located on one end, AC power connector on the other.